About Us

Gadar Heritage Foundation was founded in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1998. The most eminent of its founding members is Gyani Kesar Singh Novelist, born in Mughal Khan, Rawalpindi on January 1, 1912. He is a prominent writer of historical novels in Punjabi and English, mostly about India's freedom fighters, and has published over 58 books including Hiroshima. He has been a civil administrator and was a teacher of revolution and Japanese language in the Indian National Army.

The aims and objectives of Gadar Heritage Foundation are:

A. Re-evaluation of the place of Gadar Party in India's Freedom Movement through research, seminars and publications.

B. Promoting the ideals of the Gadar Party:

   Secularism and Religious Harmony
   Social Justice
   Economic Freedom and Equality
   Democracy and Cultural Diversity
   Peaceful Co-existence among Nations

Gadar Heritage Foundation brings out a publication named Gadarite, the inaugural issue of which was published in November 1998.

Gadar Heritage Foundation works closely with Desh Bhagat Yadgar in Jullunder, India and participates in the latter's annual Mela in October-November.

Indians for Social & Economic Justice